Brian Lara gives Pietersen a punch at Hardik Pandya with the intention of making a „play for India.“

Returning to Narendra Modi Stadium in Dafabet, the site of his first IPL trophy victory in 2022 as captain of the Gujarat Titans, brought Hardik Pandya immense satisfaction.

However, Hardik was the focus of jokes and taunts from the Ahmedabad fans throughout the match against his old squad. Hardik was named the Mumbai Indians‘ captain for the 2024 Cricket League after being an unexpected addition to the squad in November of last year.

West Indies cricket rummy star icon Brian Lara made a playful jab at the all-round player during the live event, which shocked the commentators and caused a disturbance in the audience.

The twelfth over of Gujarat’s innings finished with Mumbai opting to bowl first. Former England cricketer Kevin Pietersen highlighted his astonishment regarding the crowd’s reaction, highlighting the fact that Hardik is an IPL player and a member of the Indian cricket squad, despite the fact that there have been booing and jeers from the toss.

„I have never witnessed the level of taunting directed towards Indian players in Ahmedabad on Hardik Pandya. This is not an ordinary event,“ he declared.

„What can he do to win them back?“ I pondered. was something that the other person in the commentary box, Ian Bishop, could not shake.

Pietersen betway burst out laughing, and Bishop joined in when West Indies cricketer Lara answered the question with the hilarious comment, „Play for India…the next time they play here.“

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